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  Eulogy for Cyril      
  All about Cyril      
    Early Portmarnock Years    
    Travel Travels (with Caitriona)  
      Caitriona's Journal  
      Africa (Cyril's Photos)  
      Egypt (Cyril's Photos)  
      India (with Richie)  
        Cyril's Photos of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka
      The Andamans Cyril's own account
      Thailand (Cyril's Photos)  
      Travels with Lorraine  
    Cyril in Thailand    
    Cyrdil's Wordld    
      Cyril's Language  
      Cyril's Writings Growing up in Ireland
      E-mails to Caitriona
    The Pod Years    
  Stories about Cyril The Lonely Runner    
    Cy-dil’s Wordld  
    Surprise - It's ME    
    The Tuk-Tuk    
    The Fire Extinguisher    
    Yum Yum Yum    
    The Squidgem Story    
    Man of Travels    
    Friend and Teacher    
    The Tea Seller    
    The Birthday Present    
    Sounds of Cyril    
    The Rambling Man    
    Homesick Blues    
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    New York City Marathon  
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  Photo Galleries      
    Gallery 1   Old Photographs and Scans
    Gallery 2   Egypt
    Gallery 3   South Africa
    Gallery 4   Cyril's Bungee Jump!
    Gallery 5   Victoria Falls
    Gallery 6   People & Landscapes
    Gallery 7   More People Photos
    Gallery 8   More Places Photos

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