Cyrdil’s Wordld: (or What you do when you win the Lotto)
by Brian McPartlan
Portmarnock, 2001/2002.

A True Portmarnock Legend.

Summertime 2001or 2002 (not sure what year)

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Cyril in relaxed mode

I was working in an office on Suffolk Street in Dublin City Centre.  I had just finished a boring day of work and I had embarked on a mundane bus journey home to Portmarnock.  Cyril Duncan then joined me on the bus and brightened up the journey by day dreaming out loud.  Cyril had a great knack of inventing hypothetical situations and creating an idyllic world where everything was entertaining and he and his friends were at the centre of the fun.  As we approached Portmarnock Cyril was imagining what he would do if he was to win the Lotto.  He said that he would buy the red brick Mansion on the coast road in Portmarnock near the Country Club and he would name it “Cyril’s World” which also included a roll of the tongue so it would be pronounced “Cyrdil’s Wordld” He continued that on entering the gates there would be people on stilts in funny costumes to greet his guests.  There would be entertainers scattered around the grounds breathing fire and performing various acrobatic manoeuvres.  There would be various rooms, including a cinema room and a Dance room.  There would be different music being played in different areas of the house to suit all tastes. 

While Cyril was expanding on his vast plans for the mansion, he decided that it would be essential to have a small room with two entrances.  In the centre there would be a plain table separating both sides of the room.  There would be a single chair on either side of the table and no room for any clutter other than a stereo and no room for movement. The room was to be a means of escape for when the antics in the house got too much and he just needed to get away from it all.  Cyril insisted that there would be a bottle of booze and two glasses and that this is where he could sit and talk with his friends.  This room he described with most passion.  The rooms with music and performers took a back seat once he envisaged this room.  I think that Cyril had decided that with all the entertainment in the world, there is nothing he would rather than to be able to sit with his friends and enjoy their company.

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