Surprise ... It's Me!! :
by Paul O Neill

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Mad Cyril

One winters evening Garmon came to pick me up at my mums in Portmarnock, I saw the red polo pull up outside, grabbed my coat and jumped in the car.
There was a pile of clothes and a few old crisp packets artistically scattered around the back seats, nothing unusual there. We pulled off and were chatting enthusiastically about where we were off to and what album we'd just been listening to. As we were turning onto the Carrickhill road there was a lull in our conversation when all of a sudden an almighty roar came from behind me.

The whole car shook and I could feel the presence of some creature towering over me - I nearly wet myself and let out a squeal like a young girl. As I turned around I saw the shadow of a person with their arms raised high above them and bomber jackets and crisp packets hanging off their head. When I looked closer I saw it was Cyril with a great big smile on his face.

He was delighted with himself, at that stage I could hear Garmon chuckling away beside me.... their plan had worked. I will never forget that feeling of sheer panic and the look of satisfaction on Cyril's face. Only recently I heard he'd pulled the same trick on another friend of ours (Hagar) and I have a feeling if he was still with us, Cyril would have surprised us all eventually.

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