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This page will give details of how the funds raising will be allocated.

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Allocation of funds January 2017


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Our country is beginning to recover from recession but still, through the generous support of sponsors, relatives and friends, we have managed to raise the necessary funds for this year. The total allocation for this year is €11,000. The funds have been allocated as follows:

€1,000 - BaanGerda, a children's charity that provides homes and care for HIV & AIDS infected orphans

€3,500 - Safe Haven Orphanage which provides a "safe haven" for children in northern Thailand

€1,000 - Mahatai Suska Nonn School for Children from the Leper Village, Khom Kaen

€1,000 - The Wiang Kaen Centre in Northern Thailand which provides care for the Hill Tribe children

€1,000 - The John Manning Project works with disabled children among the Hill Tribe people

€2,500 - The Melissa Cosgrove Children's Foundation which provides for children who live with their parents on large building sites in Thailand.

€1,000 - Clown Eckie, The Gift of Happiness Foundation, Bankok, dedicated to helping poor children in Bankok and throughout Thailand

While these donations may seem like small amounts, they are substantial figures to these charities in Thailand. I can assure you they have been gratefully received and they all have confirmed that these sums of money will make a real beneficial difference to them and the children.


The Cyril Duncan Siam Children's Foundation is a Registered Charity in Ireland
Reference Number: CHY 18363

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