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The Birthday Present
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There are many varied and funny stories to be told by Cyril's family and friends. You will find them all here.

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Cyril Duncan
3th May 1977 - 7th June 2008

Beloved son of Brian and Lek, brother of Genevieve, Garmon and Pamela.

It is not the length of life, but depth of life felt.
Life is not measured
By the number of breaths we take,
But by the moments
That take our breath away

Cyril's last job here was as a teacher. He loved his class and they loved him back. He told everyone that knew him how happy he was teaching children how to speak english in Bangkok. He regaled at how he would ride his motorcycle past temples and praying monks on his way to work in the mornings.

Vibrancy springs to mind when I think of Cyril on his bike, in tune with the city, taking it all in and being as much a part of that vibrancy.
Upon arriving at class and entering his classroom, at once and in unison, all the children would stand up, proclaiming '' Good morning Teacher Cyril.'' Cyril told me how he loved that moment, looking at all the children’s bright faces and wide eyes looking up at him. He'd respond nearly singing Good Morning back at them. He'd ask them what day it was and what the date was. Correcting their mistakes gently and praising their successes highly.

In Cyrils own words:

"I'm now an English Teacher working in a private school and I have to say I absolutely love it, I wake each morning, drive to work while passing Temples and Monks only to arrive to my school and see a lot of bright eyed kids smiling and excited to start a new day of fun. I love children, they cushion my brain......(you's know what I'm talking about)........they certainly breath new life into me, I have so many stories to tell."

Cyril loved music, food and weekends. He loved people, natural beauty and life. He cherished his family and friends.

You were so advanced you saw deep into our humanity as though you were simply reading an emotion. Your awareness of everyone else’s feelings was a priority of yours, not an obligation.

Cyril liked the concept of time. The future, the past, persistently he squeezed the most out of the present. Nothing was out of his reach, especially making connections with other people. Cyril opened doors all over the world, touching the people he met with his honesty and trusting nature. Being as fun loving as a child, Cyril was also a rare kind of man, one who took the opportunity to tell you that he loved you as often as he could.

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