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The story of a remarkable, quirky and magical young man from Portmarnock in Ireland, this website fulfilled two purposes:

  • to create a memorial to a guy with a marvellous sense of humour and sense of adventure.
  • to publicise a charity foundation in his name to help underprivilidged children in Thailand, his second home

Cyril was born in 1977 of Irish and Thai parents. He died suddenly and tragically in June 2008, whilst living in Thailand, his second home, where he was fulfilling his dream, teaching Thai children. Read the Eulogy given by Brian, at his funeral mass.

The Cyril Duncan Siam Children's Foundation was set up as a registered charity in 2008 as a way to help to underprivileged and disadvantaged children in Thailand, primarily by transferring the funds raised in Ireland to the charities in Thailand.

The Charity functioned very successfully for 13 years, donating €150,000 to the various charities chosen. All of the Foundation's funds have been allocated in full (April 2021) and have been donated.

The Charity was deregulated in April 2021 and no longer exists.

Click on the link ' the foundation' on the right for all details.

The website was created by his family and friends to ensure that his magic never dies. From the two links on the left, you can read everything from his early years to his world travels, from stories written by his friends to some of his own writings. Not to be missed are the photo galleries, featuring many of Cyril's own photographs.

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